fbpx A GENEROUS HOME - Open Studio
serangoon, singapore
serangoon, singapore

140 SQM

In a generous home, the hosts goes above and beyond to make their guests feel welcome and comfortable. The generous home is warm and hospitable, with great openness to give and receive, with detailed attention to their guests.

For these hosts, a generous home was designed as a sizeable volume of space carved out of an executive apartment, which combines the functions of living and dining for a gregarious hosting space. Guests enter through a tight entry foyer that opens up into its biggest volume of space, greeted by a 3m-long kitchen island. Dark veneered walls combined with warm mood lighting across the big expanse of space, cultivates a comfortable and soft atmosphere making all who enter feel at home.

Feature: Inside A Beautiful Transformation Of A 1,561 Sqft HDB Home – YouTube

Guests enter through a tight entry foyer, expressed as an architectural vestibule
Upon entry, guests are greeted by a 3m long kitchen island intersected with a 6-seater dining table
Mirrored panels dematerialise the hardness of the original beams going across the big living space
Storage and wash stations are tucked across one side of the wall
A geometric island configuration adds visual interest to the otherwise long kitchen island
Detail of the layered geometric configuration of the island accommodating actual use
The dining table was designed to be able to tuck into the island transforming as required, from a 4-seater to 6-seater.
The bright and airy wet kitchen is located near the window, just adjacent to the dining area.
Warm veneer panelling conceal storage behind the integrated tv wall
Warm lighting makes for a comfortable hospitable living room
A niche makes a perfect feature wall leading to the two bedrooms
Detail of the bathroom vanity expressed in a consistent geometric configuration