ang mo kio
ang mo kio

130 SQM

The subjects of a home have always been what draws our curiosity. Who lives in it? What are their lifestyles? This resale flat changed hands from family of 5 to a young couple. We do not believe that as inhabitants we passively occupy our home space, but that interior architecture is the enabler of a curated lifestyle guiding us through space. The apartment design anchors squarely on abstracting and framing the couple’s life, much like vignettes of a film montage. Shades of green and grey, coupled with formal arches were used to evoke a cinematographic atmosphere to shape and create new domestic memories for this young couple.

The pebble-wash finish at the entry foyer adds a touch of hospitality.
Frameless accordion windows at the balcony allow for unblocked views.
The balcony - an extension of the living room - is demarcated subtly through a change in floor finish.
When shut off, the balcony forms a passageway between the master bedroom and study.
Anchoring the common space is the 5-metre long island counter where a myriad of activities happen.
A green-stained ply-cladding conceals the master bedroom while forming the backdrop to the kitchen island.
Formal arches stretch along the beams to frame moments at the kitchen island.
The kitchen island cladded in stainless steel dematerialises into the screed flooring as a light-weight volume.
A concrete bench built into the niche between two columns creates a pensive moment by the window.
These are spaces for conversations and domestic memories.
Door to the wardrobe is disguised as part of the wall paneling.
Dark timber and rattan furniture were selected to warm up the cool tones of the home.
The pantry cabinet is designed with open shelves for knick knacks.
Curved window frames the study.
A strong pop of colour in the bathroom adds dimension to the dark apartment.
Coloured grout balances the strong pop of colour.
The vanity was located outside the bath and orientated to face the window where daylight is ample.
Ceiling-hung mirrors allow access to windows which can still be opened to invite fresh air.
Coral tiles were used for the master bath to make vibrant a bathtub space.
A dark blue interior for the bedroom to sleep off the day.