fbpx HABITAT 65 - Open Studio
serangoon, singapore
serangoon, singapore

65 SQM

The word corridor originated from the Old French term corridore, which means a running place or a passageway. The word was then borrowed into English in the early 17th century, and has been used to refer to a long, narrow, enclosed passage or hallway ever since.

A corridor certainly sounds efficient, if you intend to traverse through a complicated place in the shortest possible time. Ironically, while seemingly redundant in a dwelling place, we have come to expect the corridor, like a dark spine linking up rooms in any common apartment unit, small or large. But such a narrow hall of single utility, while perfect for navigating in a hospital, is simply not desirable in any habitat.

In Habitat 65, OPEN STUDIO killed the corridor leading to the bed and bathrooms; an intervention that reassembles the home to fit the activities of its inhabitants. Movement through the habitat is motivated by storage pods sensitively sized to use intent, and planted firmly to organise the habitat.

Devoid of a dark narrow corridor, the apartment evolves into a brightly lit, well ventilated habitat of 65sqm.

A duo-directional display greets visitors upon entry.
A clean open kitchen is set adjacent to the dining and living area.
The adjacencies are perfectly orchestrated for a seamless experience from prep, consumption to hosting.
Set by the window, the open kitchen is beautifully bright and airy
An integrated stainless steel sink, countertop and backsplash makes for a clean functional working kitchen.
The predominant compact storage pod visually anchors the apartment interior
Completely functional on all four sides, all surrounding corridors are no longer just for moving through, but activity spaces too.
A detail of the textural storage pod cleanly profiled.
A pantry work top is supported by the storage pod
The storage pod is perfectly positioned to conceal the entry into the bathroom from the living and dining space.
A window slit gives spatial depth to the living room, giving a narrow peek into the bedroom beyond
The bedroom is a compact moody room
Set adjacent to the bathroom, a storage pod is inserted between the bed and bath.
Slits through to the bath room gives spatial depth to the bedroom, but also allowing light from the window to be drawn deep into the bathroom corridor.
The vanity is set in an open manner, while the WC and shower area are organised into compact rooms.
Detail of the elegant light panel allows generous and uniform light while using the bathroom vanity
The corridor is no longer mono-functional, as a changing room with storage access, and a path to the WC/Shower area.