fbpx LIFE IN 65SQM - Open Studio
bidadari, singapore
bidadari, singapore

65 SQM

Open Studio initiated the project by questioning the spatial quality of small scale apartment typology commonly seen today – subdivided heavily in order to brand the piece of property “x-Bedroom with x-Bath“. Such acquiescent parceling of a small area is to the detriment of the spatial quality, resulting in an air of enclosed uniformity. Bed Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Bath Room, Store Room become all but cubicles devoid of spatial hierarchy and sense of scale.

For a couple who sought a lifestyle of joie de vivre, this project weighs desire, time and purpose as drivers of the layout. The project rejects the parcelization of space and aims to offer small apartment owners a new spatial economy.

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Evening light reaches deep across the long entry foyer
Green Wave marble paired with a Phloc Mobil 150 Wall Lamp greets upon entry
Central to the home is an inward looking living area set adjacent to the dining area
The existing column and beam are dematerialised when wrapped with storage and shelving solutions
The end of the living space is marked by an open kitchen cladded entirely in stainless steel
These adjacencies of living, dining & cooking encourages a convivial atmosphere
Stainless steel as the main material is expressed poetically through a fold for an opening
Behind the slit, a fully operable casement window maintains ventilation at the open kitchen
An Arcilla Red Silestone surface brings warmth to an otherwise cool stainless steel kitchen
Visually cool elements like marble and stainless steel are made warm by parquet flooring in nolstalgic mosaic weave
Utilitarian storage solutions are tucked out of sight just behind the key features of the living space
The free standing marble is a contemporary statement, detailed to be visually lightweight
On the other side of the column, a storage pantry alcove serves the dining area
Free of encumbrances, a projector screen is concealed within the ceiling
Set discreetly behind pivot doors is a warm powder area
The powder area utilises a corridor leading to the bedroom
A ceiling sprout and floating sink makes for a dramatic powder room
A functional volume was introduced to demolish the mental impression of a public housing bathroom
Tucked into the functional volume is a nifty sink and storage inside the bathroom.