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joo chiat
joo chiat

140 SQM

In approaching the refurbishment of this 30-year-old 3-bedroom apartment, we proposed a series of small shifts to reconstitute the apartment and unify its social spaces. Enveloping this new expansive social space is an unfolded patterned timber fa├žade that anchors and offers textural warmth to the apartment. Rethinking the idea of timber cladding, and seeking to embody the characters of the inhabitants, reconstituted veneers were selected for its unique spirit, grain, and texture. These were then deconstructed and reassembled in an economical manner, prioritizing low wastage while producing unique patchwork panels with an enthralling multi-directional pattern. Coupled with the patterned timber walls, custom fitted and site specific elements were built into the interior for a tailor made experience. These elements include a pantry for the living area, a kitchenette, a long table, a sound-proof game room, and a customized headboard; all tailored specifically for this project.

RECONSTITUTED is a story about making small adjustments to achieve exponential enhancements. From the improved architectural layout to the interior elements, the project follows this simple premise and becomes everything the new inhabitants need it to be.

The apartment's beige canvas is interjected with warm timber moments
The pantry is perceived as quiet addition that is recessed into its adjacent walls
Detail of the pantry's metalwork
The shoe cabinet & kitchenette unified as a single piece of furniture
The entry foyer and dining area are separated physically, but connected visually
The entry foyer and dining area are separated physically, but connected visually
Shifting of the walls gave space for a long dining table, which was customised specifically for the project
A stainless-steel structure designed to suspend the timber top yet detailed for multiple use
The stainless-steel structure is also detailed to shed light to the dining set up
Mirror cladding de-materializes the structural column that is beside the table
More than just being a table support, details of the table create space for hanging household objects
A close up detail of the suspended dining table
The dining table is a free-standing fixture tailor made to the apartment interior
The sound-proof game room is a dark timber insertion
A mini bar inside the game room
Reconstituting reconstituted timber veneer; an enthralling multi-directional pattern is formed
3 types of timber veneer in harmony
A 'patchwork' approach creates an interplay of textures
A peek through to the Master Bedroom
Old timber doors were deconstructed and repurposed into a custom-made bedhead
A free standing wardrobe & vanity set up
Detail of the wardrobe