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65 SQM

Engulfed in the heart of the public housing development, views out of this flat were limited to neighbouring blocks and landscaped public grounds below. The lack of long, outward view and original compartmentalised shell of 2 bedroom + living room created a deep sense of claustrophobia.

To address the claustrophobia, the space was reorganised to create a new view. One that disregarded the outward view for the gaze inward. A reflective object inserted into the heart of the apartment serves to mirror colourful scenes of daily life around the home.

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At the entrance, the gold pod shields the private living space.
Cool steel and pale terrazzo floor forms a utilitarian slate for the kitchen.
The gold compact storage pod serves two adjacent areas.
The pod is also the means to separate spaces
Colourful scenes of daily life are reflected as new views in the home.
Jointless pink micro-cement floors and white walls form a clean aesthetic
No finishing joints dematerialises the apartment, creating a spacious feel in a tiny apartment.
Pink curtains frame a spectacular view of the dining room.
Gold and pink accents meld into a rose-tinted reflection of the home.
A set of flushed doors lead to the bedroom & bathroom
An intimate space proportionately sized to use
A signal light indicates when the washroom is in use
A generous vanity that also functions as a powder room
Gold fittings pair well with the pink Rosso Orobico marble.