meyer road
meyer road

80 SQM

We worked out a simple refurbishment for this apartment, by modestly rounding out additions proposed in this home. The living area is a compact 16sqm designed for comfortable gathering and circulation.

A warm veneer wall forms the backdrop and identity to the apartment. As an anchor, it broadens the experience of hosting & gathering. This is an intervention to the developer’s floor plan which proposes isolated anchors and narrows the experience of a decently sized space.

Functionally, the apartment is structured around a hosting island, made of a concrete top suspended between two textural volumes. Here, a sensitive balance was struck between a strong defined backdrop against textural white surfaces to bring character and dimension, without oppressing the space.

Dining and living adjacency makes for a comfortable home suited for hosting and gathering.
The TV is planted on a warm veneer wall, perpendicular to the living & dining. This visually expands a compact gathering space.
The dining area is anchored by a sculptural island for food prep next to a dramatic dining table.
A built in suspended pantry behind the island and dining complete with a mirrored backsplash adds visual layers in the home.
Strategic diffused lighting enhances spatial lightness of these built-in features.
The pantry ledge accommodates storage and display while providing a secondary surface to free up visual clutter at the island.
A detail of the sculptural island finished in textural paint contrasted against a sleek functional stainless steel top.
The dining table is a concrete top intersected into the sculptural island making a distinctly visual detail.
Rounded additions around the flat make for smooth circulation around a compact space.