fbpx WARM BRUTALISM - Open Studio
canberra, singapore
canberra, singapore

130 SQM

In a well-lived home, every material has its own shade and texture. There are no one-dimensional, untouched surfaces. The Warm Brutalist apartment leans into the stippling of hard beams casting shadow over micro-cement walls, the grains of aged timber catching the occasional ray of light and the comforting cool of shadow on concrete.  The haptic and textural quality of the space brings necessary warmth as a counterpoint to the brutalist intent. Brutal, but not cold. A home that is lived-in.


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Concrete breeze blocks screen off most of the flat while defining entry.
The screen filters movement through from arrival into the spaces of dwelling.
A concrete plinth forms a minimal platform for maximal display.
Dark timber tones add warmth to a predominantly grey palette.
The living room is an oasis of calm opening into an expanse of view.
Pebble wash and a custom timber top redefines the balcony into a new dwelling spot.
As an anchor, the screen intersects the dining table with a dramatic flair.
Accent and task lighting accentuates the dining experience.
The smooth live-edged timber adds physical comfort to long conversations at the table.
A detail shot of the intersecting timber and concrete.
Dark timber storage form an articulate volume to the porous screen
A lived in kitchen illustrates a comforting sign of habitation
As backdrop to the dining area, exposed beams were backlit as an honest and brutal expression.
A preview of the vanity anchored by the same breeze blocks
The vanity was extracted out of the bath for an open, casual configuration.
The open master bath was configured to best accommodate convenience through the adjacencies of the wardrobe, shower and vanity.
A fine grained fritted glass was adopted for privacy at the Master Shower
A dull grey and accent light accompanies the quiet bedroom mood.